Celebrating the life of Carmen

At SHMAmusic we want to not only remember, but even more, to celebrate the life of Carmen Lopez Wedekind and the contribution that she made to lives of so many people as well as to this ministry.  Carmen loved the Lord and lived her life accordingly.  She was an amazing mother and wife, a faithful daughter that took care of her aging mother’s needs for many years, and someone that was passionate about serving those in need in whatever form that might take.  As one friend put it, “She has been like an angel to my family.”  I knew Carmen for almost 40 years and I can say that she lived her life big and she lived her life full.  She loved people from deep within her heart.  Her faith in God was not just something that she spoke of…she lived it.  It was genuine even in her private moments…even in the face of death.  And now she has gone home ahead of us where I trust that she was welcomed with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”